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Graham and Colette

Ever wished you had more hours in the day? In Work Fuel the book,Graham Allcott, the bestselling author of How to be a Productivity Ninja joined nutrition expert Colette Heneghan to show how the right food can turbo charge your hours. 

The collaboration began when Colette became Graham’s coach, he thrived on the results and the unbreakable relationship to eating better his fuel and work results was fixed.

No longer would Graham compromise food, as a busy hard-working Founder, Writer, Speaker and Dad, he flourished on the new-found brain power and energy.

Colette’s approach is based on years of experience in coaching 1000s of people at work on how to eat better, it’s relevant and realistic for our modern fast-paced world.

We are now bringing the Work Fuel Way into the workplace, with our team of dedicated nutritionists. Bringing to life all of the practical and inspiring aspects of the book, in an engaging and personalised workshop setting. If you want to help your team reduce their stress, be optimally fuelled and increase performance – then find out more here.