The Work Fuel Plate

What exactly should we be eating to give us the best chance of optimal nutrition and energy? We know you’re busy, and we’re fans of simple, practical visual guides, so allow us to introduce the Work Fuel Plate. 

The Work Fuel Plate is made up of three core ingredients: rainbow plants, protein and smarter carbs. You’ll have noticed that there are three supplementary ingredients featured too, which are crucial to the Work Fuel formula. These are fats, fermented foods and hydration. It’s important to note that the supplementary ingredients can often be found within the core ingredients, and vice versa. For example, avocados, a plant, are made up of 85% fat. Eating one is both topping up your rainbow and getting a good helping of fat. Similarly, yoghurt is a good source of protein which not only contains around 4% fat but is also a fermented food. 

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